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The Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo produces core board for cores, spiral tubes, in-line tubes and cardboard for cones and edge-corners. The product is obtained by 100% of recycled paper, which is cut in coils and strips. The core board is composed entirely of paper and cardboard coming from waste of first quality. In 1968, the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo was taken over by the Ghigliotti family, which has been operating in the paper industry since 1902.

“Our company constantly invests in the technological innovation to improve the production systems and guarantee to its customers the best quality of product standards. The improvement of the paper comes from recycled paper and the constant technological innovation have made the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo an unique product in the production of a wide range of products to meet all the needs of the market worldwide.”

The core board producers are made by the paper mill through a wide range of the core board which its made available and can produce various types of core board tubes for industrial use and cardboard for interlayers and angles. Its core board is sold to the main Italian and foreign converting companies.

In 2000, we introduced a new continuous machine, which allowed to increase the quality of the production and to produce core board and cardboard that fully satisfy the needs of customers. The cellulosic dough runs uninterrupted in the continuous machine, here is transformed into a core board sheet, which is cut into strips in the rewinder. All the processing stages of the production of cardboard are monitored through a computer located in a control room and monitored by an operator.

This control system allows to follow all the processing steps of the cardboard to ensure quality, and intervene promptly in the detection and correction of any defects of the product.

For the production of reels is used only recycled paper by transforming into value what was “waste” at the beginning, creating a virtuous cycle of recovery, recycling and sustainable growth leading to the actualization of the key themes of the circular economy.


The production of the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo is based on a regenerative industrial system: This process is based on the concept of end of life of the products to the continuous reconstruction of them, bringing benefits for the environment and for future generations; the first through a production with a low environmental impact and the second one through the creation of new jobs places also known as green jobs”.

The paper mill’s commitment to following a GREEN corporate ethic is further underlined with the introduction, in 2013, the cogeneration plant with a high energy efficiency, which has contributed to increase the environmental benefits on a regional and global scale.
In 2018, innovation of technological improvements were made, which allowed to maximise the recovery of the cellulose fibre that was normally started to be disposed of because it cannot be intercepted in the production process.
This process allows all recoverable fractions and cellulose fiber residues to be used. The efficiency of the grinding phase of the raw material, with the installation of the last generation plants, allows to process the raw material to maximize the recovery of all the fiber which is still present within the waste and to initiate the non-cellulosic fraction to energy recovery (CSS secondary solid fuel).

The Paper mill of Bosco Marengo exports in Europe and all around the world the 65% of its production.

The main customers are companies working in the sector of packaging, textile, in the food and paper industry, construction and civil engineering.

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