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The Circular economy: In 2018, it was born the ReLife Group, as a result of the industrial integration between the network of companies of Benfante Group, they are specialized in the collection, transport and selection of recoverable materials and the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo the producer of recovered paper board. The integration was aimed to generate the maximum value in the recycling chain.

Efficiency, creativity and capacity are the strengths of the ReLife group on a large part of the national territory. These strengths are structured to maximize economies of scale and offer a network of articulated skills.
ReLife Group is the recycling hub in Italy and worldwide to give value to materials and ensure the closure of the environmental cycle.
Relife Group companies begin to process through the collection of recoverable waste from private industry, municipalities and industry consortia. The collected waste is transported to the various automated waste sorting plants where it is processed to be recycled. Bosco Marengo paper mill for the production of paperboard for tubes and interlayer uses MPS from the group’s treatment plants at a distance of less than 100 km. The last phase of the circular economy implemented by ReLife Group consists in the production of CSS starting from the waste of the separate collection of packaging, from mixed non-recyclable plastics, from the sorting of the separate collection of plastics and from the pulper of the paper mill.

Our 3D path: the customer as origin and end