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Reception and storage of the material that has to be treated
Trasportation of the recovered paper at the processing area
Stage of milling of the raw material and cleaning of the pulp obtained, which is divided as follows: Heavy fraction which is composed of plastic, magnetic metals, magnetics and glass; light fraction with recovery of all the paper pulp; non-recyclable materials consisting of non-recoverable foreign elements which could be harmful in the subsequent processing stages and which should be disposed of non-paper materials to be started on energy recovery for the production of secondary solid fuel.
Purification of the pulp paper produced and reuse of the water of cycles of treatment and production
Production cycle for the production of core board reels in the continuous machine by processing the aqueous solution of paper fibres obtained from the milling of the waste paper in the treatment plant
Rewinding and cutting of the cardboard reels according to the width of the strip requested by the Customer
The production cycle also uses a cogeneration plant for the self-production of electricity and heat.

The use of waste paper from recycling is a significant saving of primary resources, not using virgin cellulose reduce the environmental impact of paper mills.

The waste paper specially comes from the recovery of cardboard, paper mix and kraft board, but also from industrial or special waste, and urban collection.

The technological innovations, the water purification plant and the energy cogeneration plant allow to safeguard the environment in accordance with the standards and regulations required: they are an expression of the attention and the drive to preserve the natural resources that characterize the work of the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo.


The continuous machine is the heart of the production process of the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo.
The pulp produced during the grinding phase of the waste paper reaches the continuous machine “single-jet’’ for the production of the cardboard. The plant is fully automated, structured and implemented to increase and guarantee the quality of the products in order to satisfy the different types of quality required by customers.

The production of the core board is supported by an innovative technology platform “ONE DRIVE” a real revolution and alternative in the drive market, which allows the effective supervision of the production process for the production of a high quality finished product.

In full opposition to the market, in the Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo used a single control board that controls all drives DC, AC, Chopper, brushless and reborn.

The powerful control system “ONE DCS in DRIVE”, which has more and more efficient tools, allows us to identify every single problem and perform fault analysis and restart of the system in a very short time.
Thanks to this it is possible to cut in “safety” every single inverter of the continuous machine. The whole process is also supervised and monitored by a 24-hour operator on.


The Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo has developed over the years an excellent logistic organization, that it has made able to interface its-self with the global market and at the same time consolidate the relationships with the historical customers.